Karstein Solli Produksjoner

Directed to dancers, actors and professionals in the field of music/composition and fine
art who wants to work and develop more about performing skills.
It is related to the performance art but in the context of scenic/stageproductions. Each participant gets the possibility to work with personal material such as dreams, letters, memories and personal experiences.
The workshop will discuss and discover practical borders between “private and official” and how to find a balance with it inside scenic presentation. Humor as a communicative force will be as essential as the power of making more political or poetic statements.

Samuel Beckett asks in one of his books: “whose voice?” How to develop and understand more of your voice capacity in connection to the whole body and through dance. Breathing exercises and vocal discovering. The voice as a metaphor and “landscape” for expressions through movements. How to move and communicate a text at the same time?
How to structure the movement and reflect about the text in a dramaturgy for dance?
The workshop will also give the participants opportunities to create text through different given tasks.

Directed to actors, dancers, fine artists , musicians, pedagogical and professionals interested in
extending their artistic communications. This interdisciplinary experience is emphasized on the phenomenological aspects of how we look to our own experience, in the moment of its action.
A view at the geometrical and anthropological rooms.
A new possibility to exchange and discover new means for artistic work.
I do not define objects as theatrical purpose; neither I work with them as if they were animated, as in
Figurative Theater or Puppet. The approach is through an anthropological process. Participants in this workshop are not forced into a “creative fantasy”, but are stimulated to use their capacity to imagine, which is meant to remain inside a process instead of just reproducing it.

The workshop goals are either artistic or pedagogical.

"We allow an image to emerge without having it preconcepted" - Solli