Karstein Solli Produksjoner
For children 0 – 3 years.

Installation, sound, dance and costumes create the frame in which "See my Dress" is presented. In the performance different musical instruments are being used like double-saw, a blowing fish i.e. The installation is about 2 meters tall, and gives together with costumes, a playful point of departure for performing artists, a play that, maybe creates recognition and wonder. The project is a collaboration between the different artists and tries to explore the artistic dialogue with small children and adults through a firm composition, and interactive part, primarily outside a theatre setting.

Dancer: Marianne Skjeldal
Musician: Johannes Bergmark
Performer: Karstein Solli
Designers: Eivind Reierstad , (installation),
Svein Ove KirkHorn (costumes),
Composer: Johannes Bergmark
Concept and director: Karstein Solli
Photo: Svein Ove Kirk Horn
Co - producer: House of Dance, Norway )
A National Stage dor Dance.

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