Karstein Solli Produksjoner

Karstein Solli is born in Trondheim and has lived and worked in Oslo since 1989.
He is an stage artist and University Senior lecturer in acting, drama and theater communication.
He is graduated as a preschool teacher with mime and theater education from Ecole Jaques Lecoq in Paris,
Desmond Jones School of Mime, London and Mime Department at the State Theater School in Amsterdam.
He has also participated in workshops with Patricia Bardi, Ida Kelarova, Stemwerk, RoyHart,
(Voice work) Theatre du Mouvement and Jonathan Burrows.

Since 1987 he has been producing solo performances and large productions under his direction.
He is a demanded choreographer and stage director .He has contributed as an actor and dancer in well known
norwegian groups as Cirka Teater, Verdensteateret(The Bessie Awards 2007) Juni Dahr/Visjoner Norway
In 1992 he received together with dancer
Marius Kjos The Press Critic Prize as "The best dance performance of the year" in "Det var nok idretten som tok knekken pa oss".
The year after this performance was adapted to television and shown in the Norwegian broadcast.

Since 1997 , Karstein Solli is a regular receiver of the Norwegian State Income for Artists.
He is a demanded teacher , counselor and lecturer for the scenic art field. Solli was the leader of the
State Scholarship Committee in the Acting Union from 2003 to 2006 , the Artistic Director of the Acting Department at the
Academy for Scenic Art in Fredrikstad and lecturer at the College for Preschool Education,The Art Academy,
The Norwegian College for Ballet and The Norwegian College for Music in Oslo.
Karstein solli is currently a lecturer at the School for new dance in Oslo.

He gives workshops for amateurs and professionals and has been engaged into different
Art and Youth Associations as Norsk Kulturskolerad, Noregs Ungdomslag, and Norsk Amatorteaterforbund.
He has also given workshops in the Health Care Education field for nurses, occupational and physiotherapists ,
child welfare educators and social workers.

Solli's artistic work is characterized to be an intersection between dance, theater and performance.
His performances and artistic expressions are not so easy to be categorized because they are stretched from dance ,
in the early age of 0 -3 years, to theater and dance for adults. His teaching is specialized and methodological structured
into interdisciplinary expressions with a solid theoretical support. His performances receive good critics from media
and has participated in national and international dance and theater festivals as Festspillene I Nord-Norge,
Ultima and Kirkefestspill in Oslo. He has been touring in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy,
Spain, Hungary, United States, Brazil and Chile. Karstein Solli has his own studio in downtown Oslo.

Aftenposten 1990:' Daring and accomplished with huge consequences"
Aftenposten 2008:"Karstein Solli makes as always a complete peculiar performance"
Aftenposten 2011 :" Solli moves with great elegance between the recognisable and a total inventiveness"